Launch ready-to-use Kubernetes clusters with your apps preinstalled

Launch a Kubernetes cluster, install your applications and create any required cloud infrastructure with a single command. Devops: smarter, safer, faster.

  • Define which versions of which apps should be installed or removed and Sugarkube will do it. It's like a requirements.txt / package.json file for cloud applications
  • Easily create ephemeral dev/test/staging environments with different parameters
  • Version your applications and dependent infrastructure code together
  • Cloud-agnostic - use any combination of AWS/GCE/on-prem/etc, even multi-cloud
  • Sugarkube runs on the command line and under Jenkins for minimal drift between development and your CI/CD pipeiine. Useful for devops and developers
  • Open source, released under the Apache 2 licence

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How it works

Kapps - self-bootstrapping applications

Kapps are often Helm charts + Terraform configs to create any dependent infrastructure. They can behave differently when targetting different environments. So a kapp could launch a Postgres container when developing your blog locally on Minikube, and an RDS database when you're developing on AWS. All they need is a simple YAML file that configures the kapp.

Group your kapps into manifests

No kapp is an island. Your monitoring stack may need Elasticsearch, Filebeat, Metricbeat, etc. plus Kibana, Grafana, etc. Manifests let you group related applications together so they can be versioned together and installed into any target cluster. This makes bringing up replicas of environments super-easy.

Group your manifests into different stacks

Define which manifests to install into which clusters as stacks. You can define multiple different stacks so your Ops team and dev teams can install just the kapps they need into clusters with the right sizes. Dev teams don't need to wait for monitoring kapps to be installed if all they care about is Wordpress and its dependencies.

Launch new clusters or use existing ones

Sugarkube can create your clusters for you using a variety of underlying provisioners and cloud providers. It can then install your kapps into them. Or it can install kapps into existing clusters. So a single, powerful command lets you bring up a local or remote Kubernetes cluster, fully configured and with just what you need installed.

Give every developer their own throwaway environment

For Devops and Devs

Create fully-functioning clusters

Most tools do either servers, or cloud config, or install your applications. Sugarkube does it all.

Version everything

Version your infrastructure configs, your applications and your parameters

Choose when to release

Truly promote your changes through different environments when you explicitly choose

Reproducible infrastructure

Launch clusters and provision them exactly how you need including configuring cloud accounts

...or use existing servers

Sugarkube can launch Kubernetes clusters or you can reuse your existing infrastructure

Cloud agnostic

Deploy your kapps to any combination of clouds or to your on-premise servers

Simplify development & testing

Install just what you need to get your task done, then tear it down and repeat

Get more done

Spend more time being productive and less time fighting your release process

Open source

Contribute back to help make Sugarkube the best cloud dependency management solution


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